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May we help your child join a club or an association?

At ForeningsMentor International we help children and adolescents from 6 to 17 years of age in finding the right club or association. We offer two options of collaboration:

We can show you the way

We can direct you and your child to the right club or association depending on what peaks your child’s interest - may it be football, swimming, music or something completely different. We can help you translate the association webpage, tell you how to get in contact with the association, and how to become a member - and if you have any questions on practical issues or unwritten customs when joining a Danish association, we’ll help you answer those too.

Get a more personal guidance

If you and your child need more help than directions in finding the right association, it is possible for your child to get a mentor. The mentor is a volunteer who will meet with you and your child, help you find the right activity and association, and prepare the association for a new member. Should you find it helpful, he or she may accompany you and your child to the activity the first couple of times until you feel comfortable going on your own.

ForeningsMentor international is a collaboration between Aarhus municipality, the international schools in Aarhus and Red Barnet (Save the Children) - read more under ‘About ForeningsMentor International.

5 reasons to why your child should join a club or an association

• Your child will develop its social skills through interactions with other children

• Your child will meet other children who share its interests

• It is highly likely that the friends your child will meet will be from your local area

• Your child will benefit from improving its Danish skills in a safe environment

• Your child will gain insight into Danish traditions and customs while having fun


Laura Juhl Madsen

Project coordinator

Tlf.: 29 20 90 00


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