The purpose and values of ForeningsMentor

The purpose of ForeningsMentor is to help and guide children and adolescents into a club or association so that they may benefit from an active leisure time in social communities while participating in sports or creative activities.

ForeningMentor is based on the values below:


At ForeningsMentor we value that you, your child and the volunteer meet on equal terms.

Volunteering and personal relations

At ForeningMentor we believe that the best outset for introducing your child to an active leisure time in a club or association is created through personal meetings and relations of trust between you, your child and the volunteering mentor.

The child's wishes and needs

At ForeningsMentor our outset is meeting you and your child on your terms while accommodating your child’s needs and wishes.

All mentors are recruited and approved by Red Barnet (Save the Children).

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