What is a danish club or association?

In Denmark there’s a long tradition of joining a club or an association, whether you’re a child or an adult. In the clubs or associations, it´s most likely, that all the instructions will be in Danish. Many of the coaches will be forthcoming and translate if necessary.

Associations are built on voluntary participation of people sharing the same interest, hobby or sport. Thus, the board, coaches, instructors and coordinators, depending on the type of association, are all volunteers. As the associations are run by volunteers membership fees are often quite affordable.

Clubs and associations in Denmark are very versatile, so whatever peaks your interest, may it be a certain sport or maybe something within the creative fields, it is almost certain that you will find an association where you’ll be able to meet likeminded people with the same interest as you.

Being part of an association, you’ll find that there’s often a strong sense of shared values and purpose which enhances a sense of community and friendship.


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