About foreningsmentor International

Although most clubs and associations are open towards international members, many international parents find it difficult to find a club or association that will match the interests of their children.

At ForeningsMentor International we aspire to provide easier access for your child to join a club or an association. We offer to match your child with a club or association and guide you, so that your child can benefit from an active leisure time.

Usually, a volunteer mentor will meet with you and your child in order to find the right activity and association. The mentor will then accompany your child to its chosen activity a couple of times facilitating a great start so that you and your child will be able to continue on your own.

ForeningsMentor International is a collaboration between Aarhus municipality, Red Barnet (Save the Children) and the international schools in Aarhus: Aarhus Academy for Global Education and N. Kochs Skole International Department. If you have intrest in the project, but your child isn’t a student at one of the international schools, then please contact project coordinator Laura Tarpgaard.

The schools and the project coordinator of ForeningsMentor International, Laura Tarpgaard, collaborates on guiding and matching families and volunteers, while skilled English speaking mentors are recruited and approved by Red Barnet (Save the Children).


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